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This package contains functions and shiny modules for extracting and merging data within the teal framework.


# stable versions
install.packages('teal.transform', repos = c('', getOption('repos')))

# install.packages("pak")

Alternatively, you might want to use the development version available on r-universe.

# beta versions
install.packages('teal.transform', repos = c('', getOption('repos')))

# install.packages("pak")


To understand how to use this package, please refer to the Getting Started article, which provides multiple examples of code implementation.

Below is a small example usage:

ADSL <- teal.transform::rADSL

adsl_extract <- data_extract_spec(
  dataname = "ADSL",
  filter = filter_spec(vars = "SEX", choices = c("F", "M")),
  select = select_spec(choices = c("BMRKR1", "AGE"))

ui <- data_extract_ui(
  id = "adsl_ui",
  label = "ADSL UI",
  data_extract_spec = adsl_extract

ui <- fluidPage(ui)
server <- function(input, output, session) {}
shinyApp(ui, server)

Getting help

If you encounter a bug or you have a feature request - please file an issue. For questions, discussions and staying up to date, please use the β€œteal” channel in the pharmaverse slack workspace.

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