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This package contains a set of standard teal modules to be used with CDISC data in order to generate many of the standard outputs used in clinical trials.

These modules include, but are not limited to:

  • Data visualizations:
    • forest plots (tm_g_forest_rsp/tm_g_forest_tte)
    • line plots (tm_g_lineplot)
    • Kaplan-Meier plots (tm_g_km)
  • Statistical model fits:
    • MMRM (tm_a_mmrm)
    • logistic regression (tm_t_logistic)
    • Cox regression (tm_t_coxreg)
  • Summary tables:
    • unique patients (tm_t_summary)
    • exposure across patients (tm_t_exposure)
    • change from baseline for parameters (tm_t_summary_by)
  • Patient-level profile modules:
    • table of basic information about chosen patient (tm_t_pp_basic_info)
    • plot of patient vitals over time (tm_g_pp_vitals)
    • general timeline for individual patients (tm_g_pp_patient_timeline)

Most of the modules in teal.modules.clinical use functions from the R package tern in order to produce their output.

Please see teal gallery and TLG Catalog for examples of teal apps created using modules from this package.


From July 2023 insightsengineering packages are available on r-universe.

# stable versions
install.packages('teal.modules.clinical', repos = c('', ''))

# beta versions
install.packages('teal.modules.clinical', repos = c('', ''))

See package vignettes browseVignettes(package = "teal.modules.clinical") for usage of this package.


This package is the result of the joint efforts of many developers and stakeholders. We would like to thank everyone who has contributed so far!

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