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Listings with R

The rlistings R package is a package that was designed to create and display listings with R. The focus of this package is to provide functionality for value formatting and ASCII rendering infrastructure for tables and listings. Many of the functions contained in rlistings depend on the formatters package, which provides a framework for ASCII rendering and is available on CRAN.

rlistings development is driven by the need to create regulatory ready listings for health authority review. Some of the key requirements for this undertaking are listed below:

  • flexible formatting (pagesize, column widths, alignment, labels, etc.)
  • multiple output formats (csv, out, txt)
  • repeated key columns
  • flexible pagination in both horizontal and vertical directions
  • titles and footnotes

rlistings currently covers some of these requirements, and remains under active development.


rlistings is available on CRAN and you can install the latest released version with:


or you can install the latest development version directly from GitHub with:


Note you might need to set your GITHUB_PAT environment variable in order to be able to install from GitHub.

Packaged releases (both those on CRAN and those between official CRAN releases) can be found in the releases list.



The following example shows a simple listing and its printed output.

#> Loading required package: formatters
#> Loading required package: tibble

# Reducing the data
mtcars_ex <- mtcars %>% dplyr::mutate("car" = rownames(mtcars))

  key_cols = c("gear", "carb"),
  disp_cols = c("gear", "carb", "qsec", "car")
) %>% head()
#> sorting incoming data by key columns
#> gear   carb   qsec           car       
#> ———————————————————————————————————————
#>  3      1     19.44    Hornet 4 Drive  
#>               20.22        Valiant     
#>               20.01     Toyota Corona  
#>         2     17.02   Hornet Sportabout
#>               16.87   Dodge Challenger 
#>               17.3       AMC Javelin


This package is a result of a joint effort by many developers and stakeholders. We would like to thank everyone who contributed so far!

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