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What is what

What is teal?

teal is a shiny-based interactive exploration framework for analyzing clinical trials data. teal currently provides a dynamic filtering facility and diverse data viewers. teal shiny applications are built using standard shiny modules. See teal page for more details.

What is hermes?

hermes facilitates preprocessing, analyzing, and reporting of RNA-seq data. The core functionality is built on the BioConductor ecosystem, especially the SummarizedExperiment class from which the HermesData class inherits. See the vignette for more details.

So what is then provides teal modules (which can be used as part of any teal app), for interactive RNA-seq data analysis using hermes. Again it is heavily built on the BioConductor classes, in particular MultiAssayExperiment (MAE) which is expected to contain the HermesData experiments.


From July 2023 insightsengineering packages are available on r-universe.

# stable versions
install.packages('', repos = c('', ''))

# beta versions
install.packages('', repos = c('', ''))

See package vignettes browseVignettes(package = "") for usage of this package.

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