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teal.code is an R library providing tools to store code and an execution environment associated with it. The features include:

  • storing character literals as code,
  • storing an execution environment,
  • swapping the execution environment of the stored code,
  • evaluating only parts of the stored code,
  • means to execute code with a no-throw guarantee (errors demoted to warnings and messages stored for retrieval).

teal.code also ships a shiny module that helps inspect the stored code as well as messages, warnings and error messages resulting from evaluation via shiny web application.


For releases from August 2022 it is recommended that you create and use a Github PAT to install the latest version of this package. Once you have the PAT, run the following:

Sys.setenv(GITHUB_PAT = "your_access_token_here")
if (!require("remotes")) install.packages("remotes")

A stable release of all NEST packages from June 2022 is also available here.

You might need to manually install all of the package dependencies before installing this package as without the dependencies = FALSE argument to install_github it may produce an error.

Stargazers and Forkers

Stargazers over time

Stargazers over time


Stargazers repo roster for @insightsengineering/teal.code


Forkers repo roster for @insightsengineering/teal.code